Finally here we are, and it is called… CSD

(this one in english, for the usual reasons)

A few days ago Ron Jeffries made an announcement on the XP mailing list as well as on his blog:
prompted by the Scrum Alliance, Ron, along with other Agile methods gurus, is working on an agile developer certification.

I’ve seen many XP certifications proposals appear on the XP list over the years, to see them disappear shortly after, and never felt sorry for it.

Now this one sounds a lot like an XP certification, or, anyways, very close to it.

On the part of Ron, the main reason for the decision to join in the effort is :

For me, my thought is that if certification is to happen, I’d like to try to guide it to be as good and as smart as possible.

I fully agree with the pragmatic value of this position. Yet I’m somehow sad.

This said, the team is indeed promising and I’m ready to get positively surprised, so I joined the list where the new certification is being discussed.

The second draft proposal by Chet Hendrickson is promising.

Other topics currently being discussed on the list less so. For instance I’m troubled by some suggestions that the certification be open for graduates only. It has also been suggested that the exact kind of degree would not matter, just a degree, be it in electronics or physics.

Hopefully this sort of bizarre discrimination will not get far. An agile developer certification is difficult enough to get right without presuming that degrees are an indication and a requisite of a dedicated professional.

Charming times to live indeed, critical times.


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